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A Simple Guide To No Deposit Car Finance

As a default setting, almost every car loan or property loan innately demands the provision of any collateral initially as a deposit. This deposit is then preceded by the approval and acquirement of the loan amount, which is determined under several associated factors. The availability of such loans, which do not require any kind of deposit, can be a boon to people who cannot come up with large sums of money on short notice. Here is a detailed explanation of the same.

Car Financing

In general, car financing can be defined as a process or arrangement that enables you to purchase your car of choice without having to pay the entire price tag at once.

Most of your regular car loans involve a secure deposit followed by regular monthly payments and then completed with a final balloon payment to fully claim ownership of the vehicle. This is commonly known as the “Personal Contract Purchase” method. There are similar alternative loan options like hire purchase. In this case, the car is paid for over a term while the final amount is not needed. However, it costs more every month as these separate payments cover the entire price of the car.

How does no deposit car finance work?

Firstly, like with all available loans on the market, you will have to send in your application. As you apply, you should definitely pay a good deal of attention to weighing out your options and comparing the costs and other involved factors. Most individuals with a stable income, credit history, and good payment history with their current vehicle can easily get their loan approved in no time. Few service providers require their customers to fulfil an additional list of criteria specified beforehand. Here is an example of a common checklist put out by the common service providers and lenders to qualify for the no deposit finance option.

  1. Excellent credit ratings
  2. Regular, stable income
  3. Car value and book value match precisely.
  4. Income surplus for loan repayment
  5. applying with a high LVR loan option.

What is an LVR?

LVR expanded as the loan to value ratio is a measure of the maximum percentage of the vehicle value that can be provided as a loan. In simpler terms, this ratio just compares the amount to be borrowed directly to the value of your car as per the books. As a given rule, a low LVR points to having additional money even after paying out the loan and vice versa.

Additional factors

In a few cases, there is no other option than to simply provide a security deposit. A few examples of this inevitable condition include

  1. The purchase of an older vehicle
  2. Poor credit ratings
  3. Lowering your car loan repayments
  4. requiring a short loan term.

This can also be beneficial as it provides its own set of perks, including lower interest rates, monthly payments, and overall borrowing costs. However, you lose the option of getting a good sum of money in one go.

What makes these loans so special?

In a nutshell, a no-deposit car loan covers the entire price of your car. So what is it that makes no deposit car finance stand out from these options, apart from the fact that it sounds too good to be true? In short, no deposit car finance options allow users to buy a car by simply borrowing money and cancelling out additional charges completely. Since the provision of a no-finance loan requires no form of security, the service providers require the customers to have a pretty good credit rating. This is because such customers would pose little risk to lenders, especially with repayment.

Pointers to help

  1. Choosing a cheaper car can help cut down on the cost.
  2. Try to save as much as possible, as it will help you pay your loans back much smoother and easier.
  3. Make sure to compare all available options and service providers before settling on the lender you would apply to.
  4. Make use of the tools available online, which can help you compare several associated parameters.
  5. Make an additional effort to improve your credit scores. Apart from just your car loan, this can help with several other financial services.


Apart from understanding the system, it is equally important to work with good technique with every move you make. Making well-informed decisions can help improve your overall experience through the loan period and can also help you save a significant amount of work and extra costs.

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