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Fireproof Safes: Do You Need One?

As you probably are aware, Australia is very prone to bushfires and residential fires also do occur. The weather patterns here favor fires to occur often, especially during summer and autumn for southern and eastern Australia. But due to the scorching and dry climate, bushfires pose a threat all year round.

Fire is a natural hazard that poses a considerable threat to people. According to a study, in a year, more Australians are killed in residential fires compared to all other natural hazards combined. Because of this, there is no doubt that you need extra measures to ensure that you and your family are safe in your households.

With the increasing frequency and intensity of fires, you cannot risk overlooking the need to procure a fireproof safe for your business and residential needs. With the threat of residential fires increasing in frequency and intensity, preserving essential documents or belongings can be done by storing these in a fireproof safe.


Diplomat Fire and Security SS070

When you think of safe-keeping your most essential belongings, you might immediately think that you need to store them far away from your home. This is not always the case. Sometimes, you want to have these belongings close at hand so that you can retrieve them when you need to.

A Fireproof Safe can protect them if you happen to have an unfortunate fire incident in your location suddenly. Residential fires pose hazards to people, establishments, and even your belongings. While some items can be replaced, sentimental or precious items and lives lost in these kinds of natural or human-made hazards cannot be replaced.

When considering the type of safe you need to have in your homes or business establishments you should consider a fireproof safe. These kinds of safes have excellent resistance to heat and smoke. Moreover, fireproof safes can protect even heat-fragile belongings such as documents or electronic equipment.

There are lots of things you can store in your fireproof safe. This is not only limited to your important documents, cash, or certificates. It can also keep materials with emotional value, such as relics, pieces of jewelry, or luxury watches.

In a nutshell, you need a fireproof safe to keep your belongings fire-safe while remaining accessible to you when you need them. Unfortunate incidences such as a residential fire are sometimes difficult to control. It would be best to have a safe that would not get destroyed and save you from permanently losing your valuables during these times.


To ensure that the fireproof safe you will purchase will serve its purpose, you need to look for ideal properties and specifications. A fireproof safe should have at least a 1-hour fire rating, which is a minimum safe standard since you will never predict where or when a fire can start. If a fire suddenly starts near your safe, it will be subjected to heat for probably a long time.

One of the essential features of fireproof safes is their ability to keep their inside part cool even when subjected to high temperatures outside. This feature makes it “fireproof.” Normally, a fireproof safe has a steel body with two walls. The cavity between the walls is filled with a fire-resistant material that releases steam when heated. This steam goes into the premade channels in the safe, which regulates its interior temperature. Moreover, the steam also has channels where it can escape out and into the outside fire.

In addition, a fireproof safe is well sealed to protect its contents inside. The gaps are sealed with a material that expands when heated. Therefore, as it is subjected to heat, it seals the contents even more.


Now that you have explored the background behind fireproof safes, you should know what fireproof safe to choose. At Safes Australia, you will find many optionsfor suitable quality fireproof safes in a wide range of sizes, locking mechanisms, and fire ratings.

The Diplomat 530EN Fire Resistant Cabinet Safe is an affordable digital locking safe with a 60-minute fire rating. If you are looking for a digital locking safe that is slightly smaller than the 530EN safe, you can choose the Diplomat Fire Resistant 125EN Safe.

If you want more fireproof security, you can choose the Diplomat Fire and Security Safes SS070 or SS080. These can serve both fireproof and security purposes. Moreover, the fire rating of these safes is 90 minutes.

Other options include the CMI Commerce Safes from COM1 up to COM7 and CMI Premier Safes from PR1 to PR10, all of which have a 60-minute fire rating with exceptionally high security features as well. If you’re looking for a smaller safe, you can also check out the CMI Miniguard Domestic Safes from MG2 to MG4 or CMI Homeguard Domestic Safes HG1 & HG2, but do note that the fire rating of these safes is 30 minutes.

In summary, fireproof safes will always be essential as the threat of fire as a natural and human-made hazard remains. Luckily, with these fireproof safe models, you will find one fit for your needs.

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