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How to choose the perfect doormats and chandeliers?

Doormats are one of the things which many of us negate while decorating our home or office. One will spend a lot of time researching good interiors such as a chandelier, wall clock, curtains, and so on, but not doormats. A doormat helps keep your home and office clean by wiping the dirt from the shoes at the entrance. It is very effective in keeping away debris, dirt, and several other abrasive materials that can spoil the cleanliness of your home or office. An elegant and simple design rug or a doormat can enhance the beauty of your home by impressing visitors. So, let us explore a few more facts about the same in this blog.

Selecting a doormat is not going to be an easy task. You need to consider a few aspects before buying one for your home or office.

Doormat shape

You will get all shapes of doormats both online and offline. But the experts prefer a rectangular shape over any other such as oval, square, and round. Why? Well, this is because the rectangular-shaped doormat covers an almost complete area of your entrance.

Doormat material

Doormats are usually made of rubber, jute, cotton, plastic, etc. The preferred doormat for effectiveness should be rubber, steel, or jute. Rubber mats are very effective in monsoon, where it cleans the mud and dirt from shoes swiftly.

Now let us move on to another segment which is the chandelier. Most people do not know how to buy chandeliers for their homes or office. They even don’t know how many varieties of chandeliers are available in the market, such as a stairwell, crystal, and illuminated glass globes. Let us briefly unleash a few things about chandeliers in the upcoming section.

How to choose your chandelier?

How to choose your chandelier

The chandelier diameter is determined by the length and width of your room in feet. If you assume your room is 11 ft by 14 ft, your chandelier diameter should be 25 inches in size.

The next dilemma is downlights or uplights for the chandelier. The concept is straightforward. If the lights are faced up, the ambient you will get from your chandeliers will be soft. Furthermore, this will not cast a shadow in the room. Whereas if the lights are pointed down, it will cast individual pools of light and illuminate the flooring differently. 

Lamps are the other consideration while buying chandeliers. Well, it all depends on your choice and budget. LED lights are considered the most energy-saving option, whereas many consider traditional bulbs, which are expensive and consume a lot of energy. Above all, your chandelier should have an option to accommodate the kind of lamp you prefer. Hence, ensure the same before you finalize one for you.

Final thought

May it be chandeliers or doormats, each one of them has got its place in your home and office. Choosing both of them wisely will give you desired look and elegance. So, choose one that matches your style and enhances your home’s interior.

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