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How to Optimize Your Instagram in 2021 – Understand Algorithm Better

Algorithms play a key role in determining who can see the content you publish online. As algorithms change frequently, you need to upgrade your digital marketing strategy as the previous techniques might become less effective.

The same is the case with Instagram. If its algorithm figures out that you like a particular post, it will make that appear higher in your feed.

Fundamentally, your Instagram feed is a mixture of your behaviours, such as your most interacted accounts, the people you are tagged in photos with, and the type of posts that you like and comment on. Therefore, remaining active on Instagram consistently is important for running your digital marketing strategy successfully.

With consistently on Instagram, its algorithm gets positive signals, and it reacts by giving your audience more opportunities to interact with your content.

It will help if business owners know the Instagram basics to get the best digital marketing solutions for businesses using Instagram.

It is, however, everybody’s knowledge that people use Instagram to post visual material, like pictures and videos. But, to trigger organic growth to your Instagram account, you need to know the working mechanism of its algorithm.

However, for your account to gain popularity among users, you must first know how the algorithm works. And to make its algorithm work to your advantage, there are a few things you need to know and implement.

The Instagram algorithm takes into account six key factors to regulate feed posts. The factors are:

#1 Interest

Your Instagram feed shows your interest and the content you follow. The feed is not only about who you follow.

You will see that the posts you liked will appear on your feed. That is why you need to remain active on Instagram to make more and more users engage with your content.

#2 Relationships

When it involves Instagram, relationships are important aspects to consider as they help your content appear in people’s feeds. The Instagram algorithm can help your content to appear to people:

  • Whose content you like
  • You message directly
  • Whom you search for
  • You know, in real life

The more the Instagram algorithm understands your relationship, the more it makes your interactions with people who share a relationship with you.

#3 Timeliness

One of the best ways of maintaining your relevance in Instagram feed is timeliness. Its algorithm prioritizes your posts’ timeline. So, you should try to find out the best time to post your content. Analytics shows that 9 AM to 11 AM is the best time to post.

For the best user experience, you should post interesting and relevant content.

But, 9 AM to 11 AM might not be the best time for your business as your audience can be located in different time zones. Therefore, it will help if you find the best time to post, consider your global audience’s respective time zones, and optimize content accordingly.

#4 Frequency

The frequency of your postings has a lot to do with bringing up relevant content to your audience. The more frequently you post, the more chronology of relevant content will appear in your followers’ feeds. But, keep in mind that if you fail to post frequently, irrelevant content will negatively impact your brand.

#5 Following

Balance your Instagram following. And avoid following inactive Instagram accounts. If you follow them, the algorithm will find it difficult to determine what content to show you as it cannot show you posts from every account on your feed. Therefore, ensure you strike a balance in your following and unfollow the accounts with low engagement and irrelevant content.

#6 Usage

Your Instagram usage pattern can give you a tremendous boost. As such, spending more time on Instagram is a good idea. It will help the algorithm to dig deeper to bring up relevant content. But, if you stay on Instagram for too long, there arises the possibility of you running out of new content to post. In such a situation, the algorithm can help you find options by suggesting content based on your previous postings.

How to Post a Picture?

Posting a picture on Instagram requires due diligence. You should avoid posting random pictures, as that can be detrimental to your brand.

Make sure that you post relevant pictures to maintain your brand image. It will help if you follow the following steps while posting pictures:


Choose pictures that depict your brand’s philosophy, services, and objectives. You will be on track to success. Ensure that your post’s pictures are relatable to your brand and send strong messages to your target audience.

Optimize Images

Use hashtags in your images. And research popular images to understand the preferences of your target audience. When you post images that your audience likes to see, you can strengthen your brand image. By posting a series of relevant and captivating images, you can make the Instagram algorithm work for you.

Maintain Quality

Do not let the quality element go off from your postings. Bear in mind that only the best and relevant images bring more interactions. Try to generate awareness with every picture you post. As you post in your brand’s name, you should maintain the necessary standard, ensuring that it does not affect your brand image.

The Last Words

You can run a successful digital marketing campaign with a well-formulated Instagram strategy. Ensure that you remain consistently active on Instagram to create brand awareness and marketing your target customers’ business offerings. Engage yourself in comments and tag pictures to make your presence felt among your audience.

It is needless to say that the content you post on Instagram has far-reaching consequences for your business. So, ensure that you post engaging content to attract users worldwide.

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