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Start Playing Online Card Rummy with These Easy Steps

Fancy an online game that’s quick, fun, easy to understand, and win some cash? The online cards rummy is what you need to get your hands on. Online cards rummy has gained popularity among Indians because it’s a well-known game that’s many people in India play at home with a deck of cards. It’s highly enjoyable and keeps the players engaged for a very long time. There are several variations of this game, some are played with a single deck of cards, while some need two decks of cards. Of all, 13 card rummy has a huge fan base. Even in 13 card rummy, there are several other sub-variations where the rules may vary, like the deals rummy, rummy tournaments, points rummy, and pool rummy.

13 Card Rummy – What are the basics?
Let us first get familiar with the common terminology used while playing this game.

Deck of Cards – A deck of playing cards have 52 cards, with 4 different suits namely – hearts, spades, club, and diamonds. Each of these suits has cards from number one which is called the ace till number ten, number 11 is called the jack, 12 is the queen and number 13 is the king.
Players- This game can be played between 2 people and a maximum of 6 people can participate in one round of the game.

Joker- Before the game commences, a card is randomly selected as a joker for that particular game only. For example, if 6 of spades is drawn, then the other suits of this number also act as a joker. A joker in this game acts as a trump card and can make or even break the game.

Dealer – The person who deals the cards to the other players is the dealer. This person is responsible to shuffle the cards properly, however, in a virtual game the system software shuffles the cards for the players for fair dealing.

Now let’s see how is this game played:
As the name suggests, this game is played virtually between different players. 13 cards are dealt to each player from either one or two decks of cards basis the number of people participating. The workings of this game are pretty simple. Each player has to create a pure sequence of three cards with the same suits and consecutive numbers and another impure sequence that can also be a set of a triplet. and it can be added to complete an impure sequence. It may sound relatively easy but it requires a lot of concentration, planning, and strategy. There are some similar card games namely Solitaire, FreeCell, Poker, etc. that involve planning and strategies similar to those used in this game.

How to get started?
To get started with this virtual game, you need to download an online gaming app on your smartphone, that’s reputed and genuine. You will have to register on the app with your email ID. You can then access the 13 card rummy game, to hang of it, you can first play few practice matches. Once you are comfortable, start adding small amounts of cash to see how it works, and then eventually you can participate in tournaments to win big money rewards.

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