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What Your Shoes Say About You

Even though your shoes aren’t often the first thing people notice about you, your footwear does say a lot about who you are. After all, you have to consider several factors when you purchase a pair of shoes, such as color, size, brand, cost, style, and comfort level. A 2012 study even revealed that shoe ratings are connected to the owner’s characteristics and that people can sense your income level, age, and attachment anxiety from the types of shoes you wear.

So, what do your shoes say about you?

Dress Shoes

If you wear tuxedo shoes or Oxfords often, you likely work in a business casual or formal environment. Wearing these shoes sends the message that you are mature, confident, and take great pride in your appearance, especially since these types of shoes aren’t very comfortable. If dress shoes are your go-to, you are likely goal-oriented and don’t mind a little discomfort as long as you reach your goals. You’re likely at ease speaking in public and know how to make conversation with everyone. Wearing dress shoes also means you have a classic sense of style since this type of footwear will be on-trend for decades to come.


If you wear slip-on shoes, you value your comfort and have a casual sense of style. You likely have several pairs for the various types of outfits in your closet. People who wear slip-on shoes can be both outspoken and quiet depending on who they are around. You tend to make friends easily and you’d rather be a small business owner than work in a corporate setting. You need to be in a space where you can express your individuality and creativity, whether you’re at work or among friends.

Street Shoes

If you love brands like New Balance or Nike, you’re likely a young adult who wants to keep up with the latest fashion trends. You don’t want to stand out too much, but you also don’t want to be seen as uncool for not wearing fashionable shoes. You’re likely lots of fun at parties, but you have a great time with a small group of your closest friends as well.


If you prefer a stylish pair of ballet flats, chances are you’re kind and easy-going. You’re also feminine and intelligent, and you’re known around the office for being a dedicated, hard worker. You like maintaining a professional, polished appearance, but you also want to be comfortable when you’re walking around the office or running errands for work. You usually don’t like to draw too much attention to yourself, but you may opt for a pair of patterned or patent leather flats with a shoe charm when you want to update your outfits.

Running Shoes

If you wear running shoes every day, you’re likely an active individual. You’ve got a hectic schedule and you are happiest when you’re busy. You take time to work out when you can, but you’re usually always on the move, so you likely get some light cardio in when you’re running errands or multi-tasking for work. You need to be productive at all times, and you don’t need uncomfortable shoes slowing you down.

Expensive Sneakers

If you love wearing expensive sneakers, you’re likely a child at heart. That doesn’t mean you’re irresponsible, but you do like to relive the nostalgia that comes with wearing updated versions of shoes you loved as a child or teenager. You’re always on top of the latest trends and don’t mind waiting in line to get the latest pair of limited edition sneakers. You also display this tenacity in other parts of your life that you’re passionate about.


If your daily wardrobe usually includes a classy pair of heels, you likely work in a formal professional setting that requires you to look your best. Heels in a neutral color like black or brown mean that you want to look sophisticated without being too flashy. However, you probably enjoy the process of getting ready for work or an event since it means you can do your hair and makeup to achieve a glamourous look. You’re likely friendly and professional and have never met a stranger, which means you can strike up a discussion with anyone.

You likely wear all of these types of shoes at some point or another. But the shoes you wear or prefer the most reveal a lot about who you are and what you want to accomplish in life. Keep this in mind the next time you’re getting ready for work, a casual day with friends, and family, or a special event.

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