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Benefits of studying MBBS in Russia

Medical aspirants.! If you are planning to study abroad then, MBBS in Russia could be a great option. Russia, being one of the largest countries in the world, is recognized as a world leader in the training of chemists, mathematicians, geologists, doctors, programmers, physicists, engineers, and specialists in other natural sciences.

Russia has been one of the most popular destinations to study MBBS, especially for Indian students. According to the ‘Directory of Schools of World Medicine’ of the ‘World Health Organization’, Russia occupies about 30 positions among the top 100 medical universities.

Below are listed are the benefits of studying MBBS in Russia –

  1. No Donation or Capitation Fee

Candidates have to pay an enormous amount of money as donations to other private institutes of India. Whereas this is not the case with medical universities in Russia, they don’t ask for donations or capitation fees except the annual fee.

  1. Reasonable Tuition Fees & Affordable Living Cost

When compared with private medical universities in India, the cost of registration in Russian medical universities is very low.

Living expenses in Russia are also affordable. You can survive between $100 and $200 per month, from Rs. 7 k to Rs. 14 k, but most of it depends mainly on your lifestyle.

  1. No Entrance Test for Admission/Enrollment

Candidates don’t have to appear for an entrance test to ensure admission to a medical college in Russia. The admission process is strictly based on candidates’ performance in the 12th standard and on a 1st come 1st serve basis, if you have secured over 60% in class 12th, then preference will be given to you first.

  1. Get coaching for NMC (National Medical Council) screening test

By studying MBBS in Russia, you can also get trained for the NMC screening test so that once you graduate, you can practice medicine in India. No additional fee is charged for the training.

  1. Hostel Facilities

The hostels of medical universities have all modern and essential amenities. They provide students with furniture, hot water supply, WI-FI facilities, etc. And during winter, the hostels have central heaters.

  1. Class Strength

The strength of each class can be between 12 to 15 students or it can be less than that. Each student will get individual attention from the professors.

  1. International Exposure

By studying in a foreign country, you can meet fellow students from different countries, and get to know about their ethnicities and backgrounds. Because of the large population, Russia offers a great opportunity for medical students to be exposed to the large flow of patients.

  1. World Class Infrastructure

The medical universities in Russia have world-class infrastructure and have advanced equipment in hospitals. Most medical universities in Russia are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Medical Council of India (MCI), The European Council, and the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). 

  1. Funded Tuition

Russia is one among the few countries that offer foreign citizens the opportunity to receive free classes. International students can apply for several scholarships each year from the Russian government.

  1. Opportunity to Learn a Foreign Language

As you pursue your MBBS degree in Russian medical university, simultaneously you learn the Russian language. An interesting fact is that some universities offer different Russian language programs. 

  1. Recognition/Accreditation of the MBBS Degree

The MBBS degree obtained from a Russian university is recognized by UNESCO, MCI, WHO, the European Council. 

  1. Availability of Indian Food

Most of the Russian universities provide Indian food. You can find refreshment stores and various types of restaurants available near the facilities of most universities.

Some of the top medical universities in Russia are listed below:

  • Kuban State Medical University
  • Bashkir State Medical University
  • Kazan Federal Medical University
  • Petrozavodsk State University 
  • Crimea Federal University 

Pursue your medical education from top medical universities in Russia. If you want to know in-depth details of a particular medical university, you can seek help from the leading overseas education consultants. They will guide and support you with all the details about the country, university like admission/enrollment process, syllabus, fee structure, hostel facility, etc. Aspirants get to choose based on the interest and requirements. Study MBBS in Ukraine, the Philippines, Bangladesh, or foreign countries of your choice. Hope you find this article helpful for your study abroad dream.




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