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How to naturally introduce sex toy into your relationship

Gone are the days of keeping it hushed: sex toys have emerged as one of the most effective (if not the ultimate) methods to elevate pleasure in relationships that might be experiencing a bit of a thrill plateau. Thanks to ongoing innovation in the sex tech industry, the realm of adult toys has expanded into a vast and diverse landscape.

If you’re contemplating how to introduce sex toys into your relationship, the solution is refreshingly simple—it all begins with open communication. However, we acknowledge that for some, initiating this conversation might not be a walk in the park.

In this guide, we present essential pointers to transform your sex toy desires into a tangible reality within your partnership.

Select the Appropriate Moment

When approaching the subject of sex toys with your partner, timing is of the essence—this advice ranks among the most valuable you’ll receive. Even the most daring of lovers might be taken aback if you suddenly introduce a sex toy in the midst of intimacy.

If you’re wondering about incorporating sex toys into your shared experiences and both of you already engage in open conversations about sex, you’re already halfway there. Your relationship serves as a secure space where discussing your sexual needs and desires is embraced.

Effective communication is crucial during this phase to ensure both of you feel engaged, understood, and validated. Your partner should be an active participant in planning for the bedroom. If they exhibit initial hesitance about trying a sex toy, it’s likely they’ll have questions, may want to explore it on their own, and gradually grow more comfortable with the idea.

Explore the Advantages of Adult Toys

The appeal of sex toys lies in their ability to awaken sensations and stimulate us in ways that surpass the realm of mere human touch.

And it’s not exclusively about female-oriented sex toys—engaging sex toys for males should also be part of the conversation. Equally, both partners should be comfortable and content, engaging in a detailed discussion about how introducing sex toys will enhance their relationship.

Well-chosen sex toys can revolutionize a satisfactory sex life, and for a multitude of reasons. They inject excitement into the routine, breaking away from the usual comfort zone you might find yourselves in. Moreover, they can foster deeper intimacy, drawing you closer together while maintaining that spark of passion and longing.

On the flip side, addressing what sex toys don’t do is equally important. Many hesitations stem from feelings of insecurity or replacement. It’s crucial to understand that sex toys don’t supersede partners— they don’t negate the need for a partner, nor should they ever be considered rivals.

Interactive sex toys (for both partners) present an avenue for couples to connect and indulge, without either sacrificing control over each other’s pleasure.

Guide Them Through Toy Usage

Guide Them Through Toy Usage

Extend the supportive and respectful approach you’ve adopted in your communication thus far. If your partner is new to using toys, they might be uncertain about how to operate one. Utilize your experience with toys to educate your partner on their usage.

Take them through the basics, including how to connect the toy to their phone if it’s interactive, how to adjust speeds and vibration patterns, and how to become truly comfortable with it. Allow them time to explore the toy and become familiar with its functions, especially if you’re trying out female sex toys together for the first time.

For partners with vulvas, introducing a sex toy like the rose toy for women is an exciting step towards discovering shared pleasure in the sexual experience.

Shopping for toys together

…… Get online from the comfort of your home and create a space where you can openly discuss your likes and dislikes. Shopping for toys together should be enjoyable, so keep it light-hearted.

Today’s adult toy industry is more technologically advanced and innovative than ever before, and can offer options that meet your preferences as a couple. Consider couple’s sets, which are suitable for both solo and partner play. These sets are especially good for long-distance relationships, allowing you to stay connected and share the fun no matter where you are.

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When considering how to introduce a sex toy to your partner, keep in mind that the primary goal is to spend quality time together. Approach it with a playful attitude, remembering that the key is to have fun. Prioritize making sex toys with materials that are safe for your body and communicate regularly with your partner to make sure both partners enjoy it. It should be an enjoyable experience that brings you closer as a couple every step of the way.

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