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Is real estate a good investment in Canada?

Investing in real estate is a great option to create a passive income. Besides, if the property value increases over time, you will get a premium on your initial investment. Many business people have built their wealth through landholdings. In recent times, Canada is emerging as an attractive market for realty shareholders. Moreover, the liberal laws make it possible to buy property even if you do not have residency in the country. If you wonder if real estate is a good investment in Canada, the short answer is, yes, it is. Daily hacked reconstructs the details in continuation.

Is it profitable to invest in Canadian real estate?

Every seasoned investor knows that the housing market is one of the safest ways to profit. The real estate market in Canada is booming, and it shows no signs of slowing down. When it comes to the type of property, the selection is indeed vast. From sustainable developments to construction land and everything in between, you can choose what suits your liking and budget.

However, the True North realty market will prove profitable only if you understand the tax laws. Hence, non-residents are allowed to purchase a rental property in Canada. But, as such, you will have to file an annual tax return. The property taxes are determined based on the property’s value, which reflects the market value. If you intend to make a profitable investment, you will need to study the Canadian tax laws in depth. Nevertheless, appoint a good realtor to guide you through the process. A local expert is an invaluable source of information that will help you fulfill your objectives without a miss.

A hand holding a maple leaf
Canada has liberal laws allowing non-residents to purchase realty

Buying your second home in The Great White North

If you happen to be a rookie real estate investor, your ideal option is to purchase a ready-to-move-in residential property. This is a foolproof way to secure a steady income if you rent it. Besides, any type of housing is a fantastic choice to build equity while paying off a mortgage. So, whether you opt to live in the property or rent it, the yield is apparent either way.

Unsurprisingly, the Greater Toronto area is the most popular among local and foreign investors. Hence, it is highly likely that this will be among the first locations you will look into to find your ideal second home. And if you decide to purchase it in Ontario, make a point to have a good strategy at hand. Then, consider your options on permanently moving here. Certainly, this is a crucial point to take note of. We have mentioned the property tax laws of Canada for non-residents already. But if you move to the country with residency status, you will have to adapt to a whole new set of property investment laws and rules.

Real estate investment options in Canada

Whether investing in a real estate property in Canada is a good idea will depend on your personal needs and expectations. Thus, before embarking on a journey to find an investment property, define what you are after clearly. Each type of investment comes with different levels of risks. So, take into account the following three options, and decide which one suits you best.

  • Primary residence – most people do not consider this as an investment. However, your home is likely to increase in value over time. Thus, you will see a difference in the price for which you have purchased it and what you can sell it for. Most often, people rely on a mortgage to buy a primary residence. And you will not have any cash flow from the property for at least several years. So, you will have to pay maintenance costs and utilities with your personal funds.
  • Short or long-term rentals – looking through the lenses of a landlord, real estate is a good investment in Canada. This is a clear enough concept, as, with it, you will ensure a passive income. The primary risk here is the potential damage to your investment property by the tenants. Anyway, this is something you can protect yourself against with a formal lease agreement. Also, short-term rentals are a brilliant way to generate cash return on your investment relatively quickly.
  • Real Estate Investment Trust or REIT – this option allows you to put your money in the real estate stock market instead of owning the property physically. Your profit here comes from a monthly dividend. Companies that own and operate real estate allow this type of investment.

The points mentioned above will give you a lead for some additional research. Hence, evaluate your individual needs and how they cohere with these investment types.

A residential area with houses and parked vehicles in early autumn
Is real estate a good investment in Canada will depend on your objectives and the type of investment you make to fulfill them

Consider your budget

In the real estate world, location is everything. The value of the property is heavily based on it. In Canada, the most sought-after areas are Toronto and Vancouver. Accordingly, to buy property here, you will need a sufficiently inflated bank account. On the other hand, regions that grow at a slower pace offer more affordable housing investments. These include Winnipeg, Halifax, and Quebec City, to name but a few. Naturally, your investment here will come with some added risk. Thus, ensure sound financial health before you venture into Canadian real estate investment. Besides, if you are considering making Canada your permanent residence, an excellent money-saving strategy for your international move is timely planning. Investing in Canadian real estate is a good move, but it takes thorough organization for success.

Move to Canada with expert support

Thinking about investing in the Canadian housing market will require you to move there sooner or later. However, to be prepared for a move is half of its success. Hence, do not wait up until the last minute to figure your transfer. The consultants from Number 1 Movers say that planning a move with time to spare will save you a lot of stress and hassle. Well, that and having reliable movers on your side. With expert guidance and solid moving support, you will enjoy a positive and untroubled experience.

Vehicles moving to and from Toronto
Moving to Canada requires expert logistical support and guidance

Is real estate a good investment in Canada? – The sums

With all aspects taken into account, real estate investments in Canada are a lucrative move. The housing market is thriving, and reports show that the trend will continue in 2022 as well. Canada currently has a closed borders policy due to the pandemic, but this will not be so for much longer. Foreign investors are still making great deals remotely. But once the borders re-open, it is expected that the housing market will get even hotter. So, if you are sitting on the fence about making your investment, be confident and go for it. Real estate is a good investment in Canada, and the market is yet to reach its peak.

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