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List of fastest 100 in ODI Cricket history

The knock of a raging batsman ravishing the tricks of the bowlers on the field is something fascinating to watch. There are instances that kept us glued with our seats and thrilled at the same time when a batsman has scored a fascinating ton within a very short span of time. The scoring of the fastest century by cricket is and always will be remembered by the players and fans across the world.

Who holds the fastest 100 in ODI record?

Every cricket fan knows and remembers AB de Villiers for his breathtaking score. He knocked a century in just 31 balls and surprised the entire world of cricketing fans. He was playing for South Africa against West Indies. The match was played in 2015. His total score was 149 and he hit 16 sixes that day. Imagine the thrill witnessed by the audience that day on the field.

This man proved that even a formidable bowling lineup can be devastated with pure reflection and batting skills. He also hit 9 fours that day and enjoyed the praise from all his supporters. The match was played in Johannesburg on 18th January. He also holds the highest number of sixes in the ODI format.

List of fastest century in ODI 

The other batsmen shattering the bowling side of the opponent and scoring a whopping ton in the ODI format are:

1. Cory James Anderson

Corey James Anderson is a New Zealander batsman who scored a ton in just 36 balls. He holds the second-fastest century scorer in ODI against West Indies. This batsman was on fire on 1st January 2014 in Queenstown and proved who was the boss was on the pitch. He hit 14 sixes and 6 fours that day to prove his might.

2. Shahid Afridi

A very young player of age 20 years shook the world with his fierce batting on the field. He scored a ton in just 37 balls and showed the world how a century can be scored. He held that record for more than 17 years until Cory Anderson broke it in 2014. He scored his smashing ton against Sri Lanka in Nairobi by hitting 11 sixes and 6 fours.

3. Mark Boucher

Mark Boucher, the South African wicketkeeper and batsman unleashed his fullest potential on the field scoring a ton in just 44 balls. He drove the balls over the boundary for 6 runs 10 times. He hit 8 fours that day in 2006 and shook the bowling lineup of Zimbabwe that day. His total score of 147 remained unbeaten that day.

4. Brian Lara

Brian Lara, the magician on the batting pitch scored a ton in just 45 balls against Bangladesh. He hit 4 sixes and 14 fours that day to score a century in 1999. The match was played in Dhaka and is remembered by the fans of this West Indian batsman and is the 5th fastest 100 in one-day international history.

5. Jesse Ryder

The 6th fastest century in ODI was scored by Jesse Ryder in 2014 against West Indies. This New Zealander hit 5 sixes and 12 fours that day and sealed the fate of the opponent.

These are the top fastest centuries scored in the history of ODI in cricket. Cricket is one such game that offers new thrills and memories. For a player to score fastest century in ODI is the biggest achievement in their career. All these batsmen showed their epitome skills on the field and awestruck everyone. All these scores will remain immortal in the cricket history.

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