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Maldives Ultimate Packaging List-How to Pack Maldives

What is the Maldives to pack – The Maldives is high on the bucket list of all lovers of travel. If you go to this beautiful destination, be sure you have the best time of all. You’d spend most of your time on incredibly scenic islands so we’ve got a few things to carry you along with summer equipment, flip flops, and bikinis.

Don’t miss our last Maldives Guide which offers travel advice, things to do, and the best accommodation option, once you have just started planning your trip to the Maldives.

What is the Maldives to pack


  1. Sunshade

The Maldives is a tropical destination, so for the time that you spend on the island, you would be exposed to the sun rays. A good sunscreen would be useful when you relax or take an adventurous ride on the sunbed. Sun Bum is my favorite waterproof moisturizing sunscreen that I always take to such sunny places.

  1. Hat Sun

Carry a well-protected sun hat against harmful UV rays, with excellent coverage. Make no mistake in purchasing it from the local shops in the Maldives because it is very costly and even less worthwhile when it comes to sun protection. The floppy Sun Hat Coolibar has adjustable strings and is very comfortable and stylish. You can break it down and easily put it in the bag.

  1. Glasses of Sun

There is a great couple of sunglasses. You can comfortably stay under the sun as long as your eyes are protected against harsh UV rays. Take a look at these beautiful over-sized Rayban sunglasses.

  1. Bags for dry

When you go to the beach a dry bag would prove to be very practical to store your various items for a boat tour, snorkeling, or any other water activities. My things are very reliable, inexpensive and in three dry bags – a full-scale dry bag, a waterproof waist pouch and a waterproof case IPX8 certification – and I am very fond of the carriage into my Freegrace Water Proof Dry bags.

  1. Bags Wet

Wet bags are handy if you want to return to your place with your wet clothes, towels, and slippers. You can keep them away from the other dry clothes and things you have brought to the beach with you. Planet Wise’s wet bag is very helpful, because it comes with two pockets, making organizing things easy.

  1. Submarine photo

Capture silence and thrilling moments as you enjoy the activities of the water, such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, etc. The clear sea waters give you tremendous chances to take pictures of and act on the diversity of marine life. If you want a budget-friendly option and a very reliable waterproof camera, I would recommend the Akaso Action camera. The GoPro Hero 7 Camera, one of the best waterproof Action Cameras is certainly also a place to invest. It’d be worth your trip to the Maldives completely.

  1. Gear for snorkeling

Although there are many resorts that offer you free snorkeling equipment or at reasonably small rental costs, you can still carry your own Snorkeling Masks. For a while, I used Pro Dive’s snorkeling gear, and the view underwater is amazing.

  1. Swimming clothes

Depending on the days you spend on the beaches of Maldives, put several pairs of swimsuits. For perfect shots beside the turquoise sea, I would suggest using bright colored and tropical printed bikini. Men would have a pair of shorts and swimming trunks sorted.

  1. Cover Ups or Kaftans

Whenever I am on a tropical holiday, I like to pack Kaftans as a beach cover. After I get out of the sea, they keep me covered by the sun. My swimwear doesn’t hurry and I can walk comfortably through them to the dining in the resort area.

  1. Dresses in Summer

Summer dresses are light, comfy, and airy, and you should wear them on the Maldives. You can pick long flowing dresses, rompers, clothes, stylish tanks, and shorts so that you can stay comfortable and enjoy yourself while visiting the islands.

  1. Male’s Clothing, Maldives’ Capital

The Maldives is a Muslim country, in which you should dress conservatively and cover your knees and shoulder when planning a tour of Male, the city of Maldives. For this purpose, pack a scarf, pants, and a top.

  1. Shoots, Flip Flops, and Shoes

In the Maldives, you could spend most of your time barfuß. Pack just a couple of casual sandals, flip flops, and dive shoes. Diver-shoes for water activities like diving, swimming, and snorkeling are very comfortable. Avoid heels as they’re not going to be of any use.

What’s Not For the Maldives With You

Alcoholic beverages

The Maldives prohibit alcohol strictly. Do not buy it duty-free or the airport authorities will reject it.


Avoid bringing your laptop to you unless you are a blogger or need to keep online for work even during your holiday. A Maldivian holiday is designed to relax, relax, and admire the spectacular islands. You ought not to miss this.

Warm dress

The Maldives is a tropical and humid destination, so you won’t have to wear heavy or warm wear.

Stilettos or Heels

For the beaches, Heels is a big no. You could spend most of your time barefoot. So leave the uneasy heels on the bay.

Too many gems

You don’t have to put too much jewelry into your bags. Just add a few light and simple joys to make your outfit accessory at night if you’re not at the beach.

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