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The Difference Between 180 and 360 Recruitment Models


Have you ever considered taking up a job in recruitment? If you are fresh and new to the recruitment industry, it can be challenging to decipher and understand this new world. However, with the proper understanding of recruitment basics, you can easily and quickly get a good grasp of this exciting industry.

Among the terms that you will come across in recruitment are 180 recruitment and 360 recruitment. Both of these are recruitment models that aim to deliver great candidates with the most potential. In other words, the primary purpose of the 180 and 360 recruitment models is to fill in a client’s job vacancy with the most appropriate candidate.

However, while the 180 recruitment and 360 recruitment models share the same aim, they also have significant differences. Each of the models uses a different process and strategy to deliver potential candidates.

Therefore, before you pursue a career in recruitment, it is essential that you first understand the differences between these two models. Only after understanding each recruitment model entails identifying which specific model is ideal for your skillset. This article provides a simple breakdown of these two distinct models. So, read on!

What Is A 360 Recruitment Model?

Of the two models, the 360 recruitment model is the best and most effective. With this model, the recruitment consultants try their best to deliver an ‘all-inclusive’ service to the clients. They handle the entire process from the very start to the end, sometimes even checking with the clients afterwards.

In addition to finding the best-qualified candidates, 360 recruitment agents put in extra effort to better understand their clients. As these agents get more insight into their clients, they can choose the most suitable candidates, but they also maintain healthy relationships during the recruiting process.

The following activities characterize recruitments that use the 360 models:

A. Securing the Client

The recruitment consultants usually put in all effort to find the right clients and get in touch with them. Then, they convince the clients why their recruitment company is the best of all.

B. Identifying the Needs of the Client

After securing the client, the 360 recruitment agents try to understand what the client is exactly looking for. For instance, the agents may ask the client about the skills, level of experience, and qualifications that they prefer in a candidate.

Upon understanding the client’s exact needs, the recruitment agents can decide which candidates would be the perfect addition to the client’s team.

C. Making Negotiations

The 360 recruitment model’s negotiations include agreeing on the candidates’ salaries, fees, and job terms. Also, making negotiations means asking all questions that the candidates might have about the job position and answering any questions or concerns that the client might have.

D. Generating and Shortlisting Candidates

After identifying the clients’ needs, the recruitment consultants can then use it to seek and generate potential candidates. The most compatible and potential candidates are then shortlisted for the interviews.

E. Overseeing the Interview Process

During the interview process, the 360 recruitment agents provide adequate support to the candidates. They offer them practical advice, feedback, sometimes even offering interview practice.

F. Client Management

Even after finding and recruiting the best candidates, the 360 recruitment agents follow up with the clients to find out if they are happy with the service they received. The recruitment company ensures that they maintain a close working relationship with the clients, such that the latter feels confident to consider them again for their next recruitment process.

What Is A 180 Recruitment Model?

The 180 recruitment model splits-up the traditional role of a consultant into one of two areas – business development or candidate generation. Unlike the 360 recruitment model, the 180 model involves fewer steps from start to finish. This model is characterized by three main activities on the part of the recruitment company:

A. Identifying the Needs of the Client

180 recruitment separates the customary job into one of two dimensions – business advancement or candidate generation. In general, most 180 selection representatives will support the ability resourcing course and are frequently called ‘delivery consultants’. Like with the 360 recruitment model, the 180 recruitment consultants understand the skills, experience, and qualifications the client is looking for in the candidates.

B. Generating and Shortlisting Candidates

After considering and considering the client’s needs, the recruitment company agents use it to select and shortlist the vacancy position’s ideal candidates.

C. Overseeing the Interview Process

Overseeing the interview process means more than just helping shortlisted candidates get through the interview smoothly. It also involves making negotiations with clients on behalf of the candidates. These could be negotiations about the salaries offered, job terms, etc.

Furthermore, the recruitment company still maintains a close relationship with the clients, hoping to be entrusted with recruitment in future vacancies.

Which Recruitment Model is the Best?

So, which recruitment model should you consider for your company? To choose your most ideal model, you first need to look into each of the recruitment models’ pros and cons.

First, the 360 recruitment agency handles more work, making it a more intensive process. Therefore, clients have less work to do when it comes to the recruitment process. It is no wonder, then, that most clients prefer the 360 recruitment process as it is more appealing and stress-free.

However, this doesn’t mean that the 180 recruitment model is less effective than the 360 models. On the contrary, the 180 model has fewer processes involved means that they have more time to focus on these few processes. Hence, the 180 recruitment agents can concentrate more on the candidates, such that they always settle for the most suitable candidates of all.

Therefore, considering all the pros and cons of the two types of recruitment models, the 360 model is ideal for clients who prefer to remain stress-free over the recruitment process. On the other hand, if you wish to acquire candidates who have gone through a thorough screening and coaching, the 180 recruitment model would be most suitable.

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