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US States That Offer The Best Quality Of Life For The Elderly

When searching for the best quality of life for the elderly, it is vital to consider various factors. But most importantly, it is necessary to think and look beyond the first several years into retirement. Long-term planning is an essential prerequisite because we’re talking about the group of people who value safety, security, accessibility, affordability, and good healthcare. Out of all US states that offer the best quality of life for the elderly, not all offer this combo to seniors.

The best US states for retirement

The best places to retire are those that offer low healthcare costs, financial advantages, affordable housing, and leisure activities. Yet, of all the locations in the US to enjoy your retirement, these are the top picks. Whether you wish to settle in a cozy, affordable home or enjoy the outdoors, tan on a beach or explore the museums, walk the gardens and parks, or host barbeques for friends and neighbors, you’re bound to find an ideal retirement location in one of these states.


It shouldn’t be too difficult to find good places in Ohio for retirement. However, thorough online research is expected before making the final decision, as choosing the best part of the state to retire is not always as straightforward.

Panorama of downtown Columbus, Ohio

This is simply because some cities offer benefits in terms of accessibility, while others excel at health services. Hence, some of the best cities in Ohio for seniors are Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Youngstown (for the young in spirit), and Dayton.

What do these places offer? Most importantly, the low cost of living and good healthcare, affordable waterfront real estate next to scenic Ohio rivers and lakes, and pedestrian-friendly streets.


You shouldn’t have any qualms about the Aloha State. Hawaii is one of the most senior-friendly states in the US. True, it is not among the most affordable, being approximately 2000 miles away from the mainland. Everything that is not grown or produced on the islands is shipped to Hawaii, which raises the living costs.

Sunset on a beach in Hawaii

This is why financial planning is vital for people aiming to retire here. Hawaii lifestyle is the reason why sound budgeting is crucial, especially for the elderly. It provides long-term security, which is exactly what people living on a budget require.

However, that which is already on the islands is high-class, including excellent health care. No wonder that the life expectancy here is the highest in all the USA. Retiring in Hawaii sounds like an excellent deal, especially if you add amazing scenery and climate, leisure activities, delicious fresh local produce, and numerous recreation opportunities.


Looking at numbers, it is easy to notice that a third of Kansas residents is over fifty-five. If they all chose to live here, there must be a good reason for that. Actually, there are several excellent reasons why Kansas made the list of best US states to grow old.

Kansas is one of US states that offer the best quality of life for the elderly

One of the US states that offer the best quality of life for the elderly, Kansas offers excellent access to hospitals but also affordable in-home care assisted living and nursing homes. Housing and food costs are below the national average, which allows future Kansas seniors to indulge in browsing many parks and gardens, museums, and markets after the relocation.

Bear in mind that interstate moving to Kansas always involves searching for cheap storage in the process, as it bridges any delays during relocation. Just be careful with offers that are too good as they may not be safe or come from reliable storage providers. Fixed income makes everyone measure twice, which comes especially handy during senior moving preparations.


It may not be your first choice, especially when compared to more attractive states, which is exactly what makes Oklahoma a hidden gem. Retiring in the Sooner State makes you a part of the progressive and modern, and yet laid-back lifestyle in a country setting.

A small harbor and a lighthouse in Oklahoma City

Cozy towns with a big city feel. Low tax rates and cost of living with high access to top-rate healthcare. Economical housing in the state rich in cultural and natural landmarks. Seemingly full of contradictions, Oklahoma ranks well in all that matters to the elderly.

Moving to one of the suburbs of Oklahoma City may not pose a problem, but if you choose a small town away from the big cities, finding and choosing the best moving company doesn’t have an alternative. To pick the most reputable moving professionals today, you need to take into account several things. Some of them offer packing assistance, and some even provide the help of a senior moving manager. These specialists will make the relocation of the elderly to Oklahoma as effortless and safe as possible.


Who wouldn’t consider warm and sunny Florida, with its attractive beaches, vibrant social lifestyle, and no income tax? The climate and the scenery may be some of its most charming assets, but they are not the only ones. Seniors flock to Florida for decades and are a growing part of the local population. This implies that the Florida lifestyle is slowly shifting to one that accommodates seniors better.

A senior couple sitting on a bench near a Florida beach

Still, there are a few things about Florida you should know about that are not attractive at all. Hurricanes hit the Sunshine State regularly, which asks for more considerable home insurance expenses compared to other parts of the US. Moreover, Florida is attractive to more than just US retirees. Its climate and vast parks make it a perfect home for exotic and not so exotic wildlife alike. Your budget is likely to be under significant stress if you mind sharing your pantry or pool with Florida’s wildlife.

If you can’t be swayed from spending your golden years on the golden sands of Florida, you’ll be rewarded with a few more good news. It is quite possible to find affordable waterfront homes that fit fixed income. The even better news is that there is no state income tax, inheritance tax, or estate tax. Enjoying your retirement in one of the US states that offer the best quality of life for the elderly is worth it, even if it means that whatever you save on taxes, you spend on home insurance and pest control.

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